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A period of quiet

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Aside from a sudden burst of activity as a few entries written over the last few days all appeared at once last night, this blog has been pretty quiet — so what has been going on?

I spent December doing a bit of contract work before starting a new permanent job in January. You can now find me at the MyDeco offices in Notting Hill Gate where I have what is possible the best view of my career to date (certainly better then the view of the fire escape upon which people from the next office smoked that I had the opportunity to enjoy at my last job).

MyDeco is another Django shop, so I’ve been getting to grips with that framework at a deeper level then I had the chance to at Playfire. Django is a nice little system, but my heart still belongs to Catalyst.

As well as writing Python to power Django, I’m producing large chunks of JavaScript and am delving into browser APIs that I haven’t had a chance to play with before.

This job has seen me doing more programming and less forcing CSS into pixel perfect representations of PDSs than any job since I moved to the south east, and I’m a long way from complaining. Things are looking up.