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November ends

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November is very nearly over, and I'm having trouble believing how quickly 2008 has been flying past — one more month and 2009 will be upon us. For now though, I have three small pieces of news to pass on.

It is still dark outside as I write this. It is a nasty hour to be up on a Saturday, but in just under an hour I shall be leaving to brave the train to London for the 2008 London Perl Workshop. Look me up if you are going to be there too.

I shall be buying a monthly train ticket for the first time in a while, and that can mean only one thing… Yes, I am reentering the wonderful work of gainful employment and will be getting to play around with DBIx::Class on a professional basis.

In other news, I found a copy and paste of an explanation I gave on IRC about things people wrap JavaScript and CSS in on webpages marked "Write this up" — so I did. Any errors in Comments and CDATA — The mysterious history of script and style in HTML are, of course, my own and I'd love to hear about them so I can make corrections.