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Tyranny of Microsoft

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I need to get my blog publishing system more streamlined, so I don't put off writing things. As usual, someone else has beaten me to the punch for making a point (although Shelly did so more eloquently then I would have done).

…the fact that we, who strive to create standards compliant pages, are the ones who have to change our pages in order to them work with IE8 is, frankly, ludicrous. Leaving aside all of the issues brought up by other people, the idea that the way forward is to have the sites created by people who do things right be the ones to break, rather than the sites created by people who do things wrong, because we're supposedly the better informed, is ridiculous. It sets a precedent for mediocrity.

Shelly Powers

I want to see the web progress. I want to see people who put effort into understanding the web be rewarded for it, not published with extra things to learn. I want maximum possible standards compliance from browsers to be the default setting.