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'Hang on a minute! I still haven't blogged about my new job!' I thought to myself about half an hour ago. Then I went and dug through Flickr for some suitable photos before checking and finding that, whoops, I had indeed mentioned it, but only in passing, so now I'll go into a little more detail.

My previous job was doing backend coding for Sophos' website, and it was getting a little dull so I was looking for a change. Several months of Jobsite didn't turn up anything that encourage me to apply but I was tootling along with no desperate need to find something. Then Christian approached me and I found myself in a rapid cycle of interviews before being offered a job in London.

I compared the pros and cons and then did something I once swore I'd never so - I moved to London.

It was possibly one of the best decisions of my life. I'm now working on (generally at least) more interesting projects and rather then the small team I was in at Sophos, I get to work with three dozen developers who are all really good people. As Christian said, "It is great to have the right people working next to you".

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Despite the horror stories, the Tube is not all that bad, and it is certainly nice to be able to read a book or doze while I commute.

The office, being located in the middle of the West End, is placed brilliantly for access to lots of cinemas, theatres and restaurants.

House prices in Londin itself are rather on the nasty side, but I've found a very nice place in Tonbridge which has great transport links and is frightenly close to quite a few people I know.

All in all: life is good.

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