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Oh So Quiet

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So, another period of me being quiet on here for too long. Time for some explanation.

The first reason is distraction …

I've been considering leaving Sophos for some time, and have had a search engine email me with all the jobs that fit my skills within commuting distance from home for the past year. Nothing, however, was so good as to get me to update my CV and apply for anything.

Then a nice fellow suggested that I apply for a job with his employer. My initial reaction was Work in London?! No chance. but then I started looking at the advantages, and decided there were quite a lot of them.

Then there was a period of having interviews, and the end result came out looking rather nice for me.

So, at the end of the month I'm leaving Sophos and going to live in Ealing. Obviously this means that I've been busy trying to find somewhere to live and getting my flat ready to sell.

The second reason is that I've got a half written New Way Of Writing Blog Posts, which has been sitting around waiting for me to finish it for a few weeks.

Once it is done it will look for photos in my Flickr account that I've tagged "Blog" and pull the description and image down into an entry here. I might even find time to finish it this month.