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I'm still working on a new design for this website, and this morning I turned to the issue of the RSS feeds that show up on the homepage.

At the moment, I'm using the traditional little orange RSS button, but not all the feeds I'm providing are RSS.

The bookmarks come from an RSS feed, but my blog's preferred feed format is ATOM and I don't intend to link to the old RSS version in future. I'm also planning to add a feed of my Perl Monks contributions, which is a proprietary XML format (so I suspect I'll be converting it to ATOM and resyndicating it from here).

So I'm providing access to a number of XML files and need a way to link to them. The little orange RSS button isn't going to cut it any more. Somewhere out there I've see versions of the little orange button with XML as the text, but these days it seems that all the cool kids are using variations of the icon Mozilla came up with, and which Microsoft and Opera (among others) adopted.

So, I'm going to follow along and use the same image.