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So I still haven't written my photo gallery software, and 23hq didn't work out for me.

So I've been giving Flickr another look, and I have to admit that its actually pretty good. Good enough that I'm very likely going to invest the money to get a Pro account and bypass the limits on bandwidth, image size, and so on.

First though, I want to give it a serious try, so I uploaded my holiday snaps from the summer. I've still got some more to put up, as I want to do a little more panaramic stiching of some of them, and some aren't going to see the light of day at all (because they just aren't very good - the job of digital cameras, no guilt for taking a bad image as no film was wasted).

I've been playing around with the API via the tools on CPAN, and have started to make progress. Soon I should have something I'm happy enough to use to make a main gallery page, along with a "most recent images" section for the homepage (part of a replacement for the current TODO list for my CMS coding).

  • From the top
  • Urban Waterfall
  • Some much needed water
  • Jim and Declan take a break
  • Parliament of Catalonia
  • Unknown Building
  • Barcelona Sunset
  • The Gherkin ... in Barcelona?
  • Barcelona Day One
  • Field Guns
  • San Ferran - Main Courtyard
  • Cooling your feet