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One of my new year resolutions this year was to not allow my blog to stagnate. Haven't I done a great job of keeping it?

A contributing factor was my Gentoo system deciding to bork itself during an upgrade, so now my main desktop is running Ubuntu. This, of course, required a reinstall of my content management system, which took about two minutes. What took longer was installing all its dependencies - I use a lot of Perl modules in it.

Just to make things interesting, my XSLT engine (XML::GDOME::XSLT) refused to install. Given the errors coming out of the CPAN installer, I suspect it was obsoleted. So now I'm using XML::LibXSLT. The interface, however, is subtlety different so I spend a little while in a state of panic as each page took thirty seconds to build (then I found out that while I had disabled entity expansion and validation, I hadn't turned off the downloading and parsing of the DTD and things jumped to about 1 second per page).

So now the site stands with a once again working content management system, and this blog entry as new content. I've also installed a module to produce ATOM, so hopefully I won't be providing just RSS for much longer.

Then maybe I'll look at finishing my photo gallery code and doing something about the 650MB of photos I have from a couple of weeks ago. That, however, it another story.