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Advogato Conversion

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It took a couple of hours, but I've…

  1. Sucked my Advogate blog down
  2. Split it into days
  3. Run it through Tidy to remove the worst of the markup
  4. Examined the source to work out what conventions I used to indicate headings (Advogato doesn't allow <h[1-6]>) and split the daily entries into seperate items (with Perl).
  5. Added all the entries to my CMS
  6. Went through all of them manually to spot errors in the conversion process (mostly caused by a few untitled entries).
  7. Validated them
  8. Pushed them live (woo!)

In the process I discovered a nice thank-you for some help I offered a few years ago.

Of course, you can't actually get to most of the entries at the moment. I still need to write a script to build index pages for each year, and a top index that shows which years have entries.

I think I'll make it a point to do that tomorrow.