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PHP Easter Egg

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There was once a time, many years ago, when I quite liked PHP.

Then I discovered just how annoying magic quotes were and the joy of having to include configuration files for PHP with scripts if you wanted to avoid all sorts of bugs when distributing publicly.

Then there are the lovely developers who refuse to have the default value for the query string generator be something sensible. This results in invalid documents when you use sessions. (As an aside, I am pleased to note that the number of people asking for help with the issue on the www-validator mailing list has fallen dramatically since that article was published.)

And now, it turns out that PHP includes an easter egg that displays an image when a certain string is appended to the URL.

What does this mean?

It means that my website has a photograph of a man with chips stuffed up his nose on it.

I am not impressed and it looks like Operation: Replace PHP based form mailer is getting shunted up the TODO list.