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YAPC Lightning Talks

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The (first) schedule for lightning talks at YAPC::EU::2005 has been published.

I seem to have landed the first slot on day 2 of the lightning talks, which is doing wonderful things to be digestion (this being the first time I've spoken at a conference) with my talk on the Markup Validator.

Making this even more exciting, the email that let me know my talk was accepted arrived 24 hours before I'm due to depart for Braga, which doesn't leave me much time to write the presentation in.

So I've been spending the past hour or so bashing out a first draft in Slidy. Later this evening I'll do a run through to check the timing, being limited to five minutes means I don't need to write very much, but I do need to be careful not to overrun.

Of the other talks, Web Accessibility for the Blind looks most interesting. Unfortunately the associated website seems to be down at present, so I'll have to see the talk to find out more. The Catalyst talk might be good, but as its a lightning talk I doubt it will go into enough detail to tell me anything I don't know already (which is a shame).

You too, can become a Perl ninja and Kayo! Klonk!! Swish!!! sound fun, but I haven't a clue as to what they are about.