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Since I had a large chunk of code to deal with in my blog entry yesterday, I thought it might be nice to give Nvu another try. A graphical editor will make it easy to paste a block of code into a webpage and convert all the less than, greater than and ampersands into their respective entities, or so I thought.


The first problem was that it didn't appear to support the X clipboard. I selected the code in Emacs, then middle clicked in Nvu and ... nothing. "Oh well", I thought and tried to open the Perl in FireFox so I could Ctrl+C copy it. Nope. Firefox offered to download the file instead. Perl files aren't text (cough) so it won't display it.

Getting annoyed with it I saved the blog entry, opened it in Emacs, pasted it in and addeed a couple of <pre> tags and search/replaced the characters with special meaning in HTML. Then I reopened it in Nvu to type the rest of the entry.

Then wretched thing promptly removed all the literal line breaks from the <pre> block and replaced them with <br /> tags, thus giving me lines of several hundred characters that would be a nightmare to edit.

Nvu scores a big thumbs down.