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According to TheReg, Via have opensourced their graphics drivers. I did some poking around, but this seems to have happened almost two months ago (or earlier, with an update two months ago). Is The Reg just being slow? Does anyone know if the drivers will be merged into

Before I click post, lets Google... CVS suggests that there was a merge of drivers two months ago with unichrome. Is unichrome the official Via drivers? Or the open source project?

One thing is clear. This diary entry is really rambling. I think I need to do some serious research tonight (along with replacing Sarge with Ubuntu on my laptop). If anyone wants to let me bypass that research with an infodump (or URL to obvious-webpage-I-haven't-found-yet), it would be gratefully recieved.

I started fiddling around with writing my replacement for mod_autoindex. It is going to be just another module for my CMS, generate the index page offline (which makes handling cache control headers easier), and use valid markup. I should be able to find time to get it finished by the middle of the weekend (busy busy me, already spoken for for most of the rest of the week - I could get so much more done if I didn't have to earn enough to pay the mortgage).

I also managed to get subcategories working, they aren't implemented quite as I would have liked, but I realised I could avoid writing code entirely and support them simply by making the category index page a member of its parent category rather then the "category" category.

The code has, unfortunatly, begun to exhibit signs of the God Object anti-pattern (although everything inherits from it rather then calling it). I'm going to attack it with a big refactoring stick and a copy of Class::DBI before it gets too God-like.