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Yes Vodafone, I do want to renew my contract for another year, and yes I would like to have half price line rental for the next six months, and yes I would like an included-in-the-line-rental very shiny new toy.

Getting my contacts to my new phone was a breeze with Multisync. I just performed a backup, moved my SIM card to the new hardware, changed the Bluetooth address on Multisync and performed a restore. Easy.

The K700i has a lot more memory then the T610, so I went hunting for some things to put in it. Almost everything I've installed came from NG Phone's J2ME Open Source page. There is some nice stuff there. MathMe (via Russel) also looks good, but isn't available to the public yet.

So, better screen, better camera, more memory, more responsive OS - I'm happy. The only down side is that the keypad isn't as nice. I really liked the strongly seperated buttons on the T610. Still, you can't have everything.