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Tigert moved to a new server and his entire RSS feed found itself dumped on Planet Gnome. This had the useful side effect of reminding me of his notes on configuring a laptop touchpad which I really should get around to trying out on my little machine.

Come to think of it, I should give it a complete overhaul. I need to pick myself a nice undemanding window manager and set up the multimedia keys that float on either side of the power button. KDE and Gnome are a little large for a machine with that little RAM. I could also do with cleaning up the boot process and removing all the stuff I don't need.

Maybe its time to try out the development version of Ubuntu on it? The main thing holding me back from that is the graphics chip - its a weird Via CLE266 that is a bit of a pain to get working with X, so I don't like to change the X server on it.