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Why aren't you using Linux?

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Contractor UK asks Why aren't you using Linux?, and then go on to give a very brief overview of open source software. For some reason they feel the need to quote the names of most pieces of software (my grammer isn't fantastic, but doesn't that suggest slag rather then a proper noun?), and made some mistakes (GIMP is not a media player, it is an image manupulation tool, maybe someone lost the paragraph on GIMP and the begining of the paragraph on mplayer).

Lets take the last section:

Some problems do exist though. Mainly that users have to learn a new operating system from scratch.

Which isn't true, there is a lot of overlap between any WIMP system, so you only have to learn about what has changed. The basics are still the same (click on a file to select it / open it, drag a file to copy / move it, etc).

Also, some rough edges remain due to the system's relatively young age.

Fair point, but I can't say I've ever found a system without any rough edges.

Certain hardware is not supported and certain commercial software programs are not supported.

The same applies to any OS.

There are also some problems in networking Linux with Windows systems.

Like what? Samba even does Active Directory now.

Its somewhat depressing that a piece of advocacy could have so many errors in it, given the size of the FOSS community I would think that it would be quite easy to get a few eyes to proof read such documents to iron out these niggles. I note that the Advocacy mini-HOWTO doesn't mention anything along these lines. Perhaps it should, I've emailed the maintainer for his thoughts on the matter.