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I've finally got my domain back, it currently features a pretty graphic pointing towards my other domain rather then redirecting as I felt like showing of a bit of graphic work I put together in the GIMP (I just learned how to create a nice brushed metal effect). Sadly, the first three visitors were:

  1. Me
  2. IRC Victim "Look, I've got my domain back!"
  3. An evil email address harvesting spam bot

Ho hum. I did plan to do something about my personal site, but that plan went out the window thanks to a job I agreed to do. Oh well, at least I learned a few lessons:

  • Do not agree to do rush jobs
  • Get a proper specification
  • Do not agree to do rush jobs

It has been rather a long time since I updated my Advogato diary, and I note that sometime in the past year and a half it has started to produce RSS feeds. New plan: Blog here and generate bits of my site from this feed. Maybe.

  • Does advogato produce full entry feeds? yes

Update: Its a first draft. Lots of work needed on the CSS and some on the HTML template. Then I need to look into archiving. Thanks for Rawdog, azz

Wow, just noticed my old entry about installing Gentoo. Except for one week using Fedora, I've been using it ever since.