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I finally got around to doing a bit of work on the successor to dolt. So far I've some up with a name (psiiss - PSi Includes Isn't Server Side) and started the very beginnings of the coding.

New things I'm learning about (so far):

  • Getopt::Long (for accepting command line parameters)
  • Pod::Usage (for documentation)

It should be fairly obvious (to anyone who uses Perl a lot) that I haven't done a great deal of good Perl before! So far Pod::Usage gets much positive karma for being very very cool.

The reason that psiiss isn't simply dolt v4 is that the differences between it and dolt are fairly major.

  • Doesn't accept dolt style syntax (unless I add a compatibility mode at some stage)
  • Does accept SSI style syntax
  • Is recursive (both in the sense that it works with subdirectories and with includes in included files)
  • Uses input and output directories instead of input, output and include