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A number of usability features have been added to this website.

Fragment Identifiers

The id attribute is used to allow links to jump directly to a specific part of a document. To aid in the identification of the section you are looking for, JavaScript is used to highlight the heading for that section.

Users with browsers which do not support the technology, monocolour displays, colour vision defects, or other visual impairment may not be able to benefit from this highlighting, however every effort is made to ensure that the section is still identifiable from context (i.e. the id of the fragment and the label on the link, although no responsibility is accepted for links from third party sites).

The code used to create this effect is available.

Printer Friendly

Some sites provide duplicates of articles in a form that is printer friendly, this isn't done here, but an alternative style sheet is provided that sets suitable margins for printing, and removes elements that you wouldn't wish to have on a printout (such as the main navigation links). If you use a modern browser the style sheet should be used automatically when printing.

This means that all pages are automatically printer friendly without visitors having to follow another link.