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W3C Standards

This website uses W3C standards as described in the standards document.


The majority of the content of this site (both front and backend) is written using text editors. At various stages TextMate, Emacs, JEdit and Vim have been used. The choice being mainly dependent on task at hand and the environment I was in at the time.


The Gimp and Photoshop are used to create and manipulate bitmap graphics while Inkscape is the primary source of line art and diagrams (although they are converted to bitmaps before publication due to the current lack of support for SVG). Some elements were created using ImageMagick


It would be difficult to maintain a site with as many ins and outs as this one (especially once it grows to encompass the Blog and Gallery) without some form of automation. This is handled by a homebrew application written in Perl using a MySQL database and lashings of TT.