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A note about Mozilla

For convenience, this document will use the term "Mozilla" to mean both the Mozilla browser itself, and other browsers in the Mozilla family.


Please see the Accessibility Statement.


This site is written in XHTML 1.0, but converted to HTML 4.01 Strict for serving to clients.

Pages are batch validated using the WDG Offline Validator but some pages are generated using content from third party sources which made result in errors, particularly in the case of embedded video.


The presention of this site is handled using CSS. Most of the code meets the version 2 standard, however some of the CSS 3 draft may be used where there is support in modern browsers.

The <body> tag on each page includes an id attribute that is, hopefully, unique to this website. You can use this in a user stylesheet to customise the look of this site. Please consult the instructions for your web browser to find out how to implement user style sheets.